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Counselling and Talking Therapy for Adults, Teenagers and Children

Serenna Davies      Counselling and Talking Therapist                               New to The Nielsen Clinic (Weymouth) Ltd from 7th May 2013.

The first step to making big changes in your life is to do something about things that are not working and making you unhappy. Talking to an experienced professional can help enormously.

Serenna can help with many problems including Relationship issues, Stress, Depression, Bereavement, Illness, Bullying and Childrens Behavioural and Sleep Problems.

Serenna Davies has counselled adults and young people for 19 years. She has a nursing and health visiting background and trained at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Serenna is a child health specialist. She trained in Oxford with the NHS. Psychology of Vision UK, Cruse Bereavement Care and The Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies.

Serenna Davies will be available at The Nielsen Clinic (Weymouth) Ltd from 7th May 2013.

If you would like to book an appointment please ring 01305 776102.

Serenna also practices from The Nurturing Place, Winterbourne Steepleton Nr Dorchester. If you would like to talk to Serenna to find out more prior to booking an appointment please call 07798578186 or email .     


Shiatsu Special Offer

Experience this ancient Japanese healing therapy

with Marika Romano

for £15


Wednesday 6th  March( 9.30am – 12.30pm )

To book your 1/2 hour sesion :

please phone

(01305) 776102


New Fitness Classes Available

The Nielsen Clinic (Weymouth) Ltd is pleased to welcome our newest member Jodie Bateman from Healthy Habit. Jodie offers health and fitness advice, specialised nutrition support, unique exercise classes and personal training. Jodie leads a full & active life. She trained as a competitive swimmer for many years & then took up triathlons in more recent years. After studying a degree in sport development, gaining a post graduate degree in further education, Jodie went on to qualify as a Personal Trainer specialising in nutrition, kettlebells and spinning. Jodie has recently completed a 70.3 mile Ironman in Ireland. She is down to earth and realistic about being healthy and happy. Healthy Habit Dorset aims to improve lifestyle by providing knowledge and by increasing motivation. There is something for everyone whatever your current fitness level.

A variety of new classes and services will now be available with Jodie at the Nielsen Clinic (Weymouth) Ltd. Lift lean includes toning exercises and free weights set to music aiming to produce a sleek strong physique. Kettlebell classes provide the ultimate fat burning exercise where correct techniques are learned and personal goals are set. Small group training is available for those wanting a more personal service and Jodie also offers one-one personal training. Jodie is currently offering free consultations at the clinic. To book a place on these exciting classes or have a consultation please call The Nielsen Clinic on (01305) 776102 or you can contact Jodie directly on 07877256542.



We are pleased to announce that The Nielsen Clinic (Weymouth) Ltd now also offers Reflexology. Reflexology treats the reflex areas in the feet which correspond to the rest of the body & it is very relaxing. It can help with many problems including headaches/migranes, IBS, back pain, anxiety or depression. 
Please phone (01305) 776102 to find out more or to book an appiontment.   



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